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However, he was arguably a more devoted amateur than most, as evidenced by his body of work, and he translated his youthful passions into a career as a writer and independent genre filmmaker.

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The linkage between the mass culture objects that Glut collects and the stop-motion sequences affirm that the tactile contact with mass culture is integral to Glut's remediation of it in the form of stop-motion animation and, in other films, homemade monster and superhero makeup and costumes.

In fact, Glut's body of self-reflexive amateur films illustrates how initial tactile contact with an object is an important motivating device for one's fandom.

He cuts away from the rampaging dinosaur to shots of himself and a friend in Glut's bedroom.

The camera pans across the room, visually cataloging Glut's collection of monster movie memorabilia, including a poster for the film and the camera then pans across Glut's bed, upon which lie a number of comic books and monster magazines.

This highly sexual and emotionally charged film is probably not one to watch with the folks!

Keep this one for when you are feeling a little more Netflix adventurous..make sure to wear headphones too!If watching a film or listening to music inspire affect-driven fandom, Glut's reproduction of material culture and his emphasis on tactile contact demonstrates how touching objects offers the fan the intimate experience of embodiment.Glut's remediation of the mass culture objects of monster and superhero comic books directly concerns itself with the representation of embodied affect in their depictions of socially excessive bodies.Because of this, in 2006 he released an autobiographical book and a DVD collection of his films, both titled Born in Chicago in 1944, Glut made a total of 41 mostly silent amateur films of only a few minutes in length between 19, almost all of them based on or inspired by classic Universal horror films (e.g., [1963]).Although the derivative nature of these films superficially indicates a constricting mass culture hegemony, it in fact offers insight into the ways in which that culture could be mastered and controlled, thus enacting a comparable mastery and control over individual subjectivity.Netflix has a range of films and TV shows to offer us and genre within genre to choose from.