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However, the most important benefits are faster truck unloading, mix pumping and placement of SCG, which in turn result in faster grouting of concrete masonry walls, improved labor efficiency, and lower in-place grout costs.

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This can be time consuming and reduce grout strength performance.

In contrast, SCG mixes don't require additional water, are ready for immediate use upon arrival at the job, and achieve higher strength performance without job site re-tempering with water.

Figure 3 - With the current five-foot lift height, five vibration and consolidation lifts are required to top out a 24-foot tall masonry wall section with grout.

Courtesy of The National Concrete Masonry Association Figure 4 - The new 12-foot, eight-inch lift height will require only two vibration and consolidation lifts to top out a 24-foot tall masonry wall section with grout.

SCG eliminates grout vibration and consolidation procedures, thereby significantly reducing masonry wall grouting time and contractor labor costs.

The difference between SCG and conventional grout starts with the mix design.

SCG has improved engineering properties including increased compressive strength, reduced vertical core voids (Figure 2), and improved structural integrity of reinforced concrete masonry walls resulting in reduced contractor call-backs.

"You get these so-called 'fins' on the inside of the block," explains Hall. You could possibly even get, depending on how stiff the grout is, bridging or arching, and not get proper consolidation.

Benefits of Using SCG The use of SCG provides numerous benefits for concrete masonry contractors.

Time Savings Conventional grout mixes often require job site re-tempering with water to facilitate easier ready-mix truck discharge and grouting of masonry walls.

A new technology, called self-consolidating grout (SCG) ? is now more readily available for use by mason contractors.