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I know because I’ve fucked up my fair share of them.

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If someone is easily slighted or over-reactive to criticism, they may also be a narcissist.

If they feel they are always right, that they know more, or that they have to be the best, etc., these are also signs of narcissism.

Forming attachments to individuals who exhibit these negative traits often causes similar distress as a diagnosable narcissistic relationship.

A new study from Ohio State University has found that one simple question can identify narcissists as accurately as the 40-item test that has been widely used to diagnose NPD.

It’s about giving up control, giving up the need to be loved or wanted or right all the time. And it took me many years and tears and failures to figure out.

That’s why I’ve put together this collection of articles describing exactly what I’ve learned and how these lessons can benefit you.Narcissistic individuals may only appear to care about you when you are fulfilling their needs or serving a purpose for them.A narcissistic relationship can lead to a lot of emotional distress.To shed light on the common outcomes, struggles, and effects of a narcissistic relationship, we’ve interviewed psychologist and author Dr. When thinking about narcissism, I’m often reminded of the joke when someone goes on and on about themselves, then interrupts with, “But enough about me, how do you feel about me?” If your partner is all about themselves, always needing attention and affirmation, he or she may be a narcissist.Knowing your primary attachment style will probably explain more about your relationships—past and present—than you ever thought possible.