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They knew to respect me and follow my rules, and as a reward for being well behaved, they were allowed more freedom than most kids their age.

They both knew the dangers of premarital sex, STDs and the sorts.

"Daddy, let me finish first." "OK." "After we finished playing the games, we all sat in the basement to watch a movie.

You are a special girl and are worth more than just an easy lay for a guy.I am not telling you to wait until you are married, that is unrealistic, but I am telling you to wait until you are absolutely sure and ready before you spread your legs. But I want to correct you on something." "Whats that? " "I know someone now who loves me, who is very handsome and who, I am sure, would touch me like no one else in the world could. You are very, very attractive." "So whats the problem?" "Sure thing." After we got out of the parking lot I started the conversation back up. " "Well at first when he would kiss me, he would put his hands on my breast, on top of my shirt. Besides, other than me and Riley, the rest of our girlfriends have at least had oral sex, some have gone all the way. You know the dangers, we have had this conversation.I let him play with my boobs, hoping to fit in." "Baby girl, don't ever compromise your comfort for what other people think. If you need me to take you to the doctor to get on birth con.." she stopped me mid-sentence.It was my job as a parent to do my best to teach them right from wrong and hope that they made wise decisions.

My kids told me everything that was going on in their lives, from sports and school to friendships and relationships.After everyone settled in to watch the movie, Lucas started to rub my leg.With each pass of his hand, he got higher and higher until we was lightly brushing my....privates.At 16, she weighed no more than 100 pounds, dripping wet. That surprise was going to be a new car, of her choice. "So, tell me what has been going on in your life lately." I said. "I thought I did until last Friday night." "Go on, what happened." I said concerned.When her practice was over she ran up to my truck and got in. I knew that it was inevitable that both of my kids would have broken hearts at some point, but the thought of some dirt bag teenage boy breaking my baby girl's heart infuriated me. "Relax daddy, let me tell you." She said, in her normal soothing manner.I was also the one that had 'the talk' with both of them.