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Amy Yasbeck, John Ritter's widow, will release a book detailing her life with John Ritter next Tuesday, September 7th.The book includes chapters detailing their early lives, how they met, their life and work together, and her life after John's death.Having seen that power, the announcement that "8 Simple Rules" would continue was understandably met with a bit of cynicism.

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I hope you'll still buy it, in the hope that all episodes will be released, but it is clearly a disappointing release. have posted more details about 8 Simple Rules: Season 2.The DVD can now be pre-ordered for .99 (~£14.50).The DVD will be released May 19th in the United States & Canada.The cover-art has also been revealed, although this has not been confirmed by Lionsgate Home Entertainment. The 3-disc set will cost .98 and there is no word on any extras. The actor, who had suffered a stroke in 2008, reportedly died of natural causes yesterday at his Los Angeles home.

James Garner was born the youngest of three children in Norman, Oklahoma.As Pavan Badal, owner of Pavan's 8 Simple Rules site, reveals in the review, there are no special features.Not the ABC '' special, not the feature Buena Vista produced for DVD back in 2007, nothing at all. The sound goes from Dolby Digital 5.1 to 2.0 Surround Sound and introductions the cast made for John Ritter's final three episodes are missing.James Garner's many film and television credits over his five decade career include the 2004 film in 2003, after the death of its star John Ritter.Garner played Jim Egan, father of Katey Sagal's Kate Hennessy, who came to live with his daughter and family as they recovered from the loss of their father.The pair met while working on the popular film series .