The 1.5 distribute positive lock stronger under acceleration than when decelerating.


Because of the nature of this low lock design, it is just slightly more effective than not having one at all. The cam profile, clutch plate quantity and size, initial torque of the pre-load spring, as well as the lubricants.Contrary to what manufactures want you to believe, TRD-Toyota Technocraft, Mugen-Honda Racing, Ralli Art-Mitsubishi Rally Operations, Mazda Speed-Mazda, STI-Subaru Technica Int., NISMO- Nissan Motorsports, all have their LSD's made by the same supplier, a Hitachi subsidiary.All components are computer ground and shell casing is not stamped as in the OEM and Branded Hitachi units.Over the long run, these units will cost less to operate due to the lower maintenance required in terms of rebuilding and replacement of clutches.On acceleration and deceleration, it provides even grip and on neutral power, it frees up for less drag and easier turning.

Some manufacturers make LSD's in different configurations and are commonly classified as 1 way, 2way, and 1.5 way.The true high-quality Limited Slip are supplied by Kaaz and Cusco, who supply majority of racing teams throughout Japan.The Cusco and Kaaz differentials have on the average 10mm oversize clutch diameter and computer stamped oil channels which hold lubricants during operation.The plates number from 6-8 and have very wide selection of pre-load springs to choose from.Since the clutch has to press together less to achieve very high lock-up, the LSD generates less heat and wears much longer.As we well know, a race car driver wins races from shaving lap times by cornering faster.