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“No matter how preposterous things like this may sound, people often fall for these lines.

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‘You’ve just won a free cruise, but I need your credit card number to pay the port charges now.’ ‘Your grandson was arrested in London and needs bail money.He needs you to send it immediately to a bank in the Philippines or Nigeria.’ They don’t want you to have time to check with your attorney or accountant, or just to think over what they’ve requested.Tasha Carter, from Florida’s Department of Financial Services, representing Chief Financial Officer Jeff Atwater, covered many important bases regarding the fraudulent exploitation of senior citizens Wednesday morning at Operation S. “Of all reported senior fraud incidents, 79 percent have involved a family member; 49 percent involved a caregiver and 47 percentinvolved a trusted friend or neighbor.” Estimates place annual losses incurred by senior fraud and scams at about .9 billion — but Carter emphasized senior crimes go vastly under-reported. Some promise people enormous riches in lottery scams. “It’s not only strangers who scam seniors,” Carter asserted. Tasha Carter urged seniors to be firm in their dealings with strangers — and even with persons they know — in person, via phone and e-mail — and never hesitate to say ‘no’ if they don’t wish to do something. “Rude is OK — it’s OK to hang up or slam the door — you need to assert your rights and keep your finances safe.” She outlined the psychology scam artists use.“The government is working to create new PIN numbers for all of us to protect these vital statistics — but the project might take up to five years to complete, because millions of records are involved.” She recommended cross-hatch shredders when disposing of sensitive documents.

She also pointed out how important it is to be vigilant — to police all our monthly statements, line by line — from our banks, financial institutions and credit cards — to catch any fraudulent charges, withdrawals and duplicate entries.Come join us today for all the support, friendship and love you deserve, that are just waiting for you at Stoodin.We’re sure you won’t have to feel like you stand out anymore!There’s also a calendar of upcoming events (specific to your area) to check on as well as open forums and member-created blogs so that you can stay up-to-date on what’s happening in your own herpes dating community.And we’re always searching for ways to make your online dating experience with us even more successful, enriching and just plain fun!Off to Malaysia: the Center’s Dominick Dennisur (L) with Flavia Tauro and Youngsu Cha.